Do you like crocheted things? I sure do but I am inept at anything other than a standard single/double chain stitch. Normally, I promote things I love so I am doing this post to promote a mother/daughter team of crocheters that are doing their thing.

They are selling their creations online and not only do they do fantastic work, but they create beauty! How do I know this? Well, I have a blanket and fingerless gloves that I received from them. The fingerless gloves are totally great for us lupies too!

Anyway, I wanted to share their pages with you. They have an instagram account and a facebook page. Tell them I sent you! Here are the links! They also have a group page on facebook. That is the third link below. Show them some love! Tell them I sent you! I know these ladies personally. You see, one is my sister and they other is my niece.