Cross - Page 91
 I'm sorry this is a few days late! You wouldn't think it was going to be, as I was able to recycle backgrounds from the previous page... Figures though, as this is the end of this scene.
It was short, I know. But it needed to be quick to get the story moving along. Plus, having only three characters talk back and forth between a set of bars with one chained up is not that exciting to look at...

So I will reveal who this buck is. Just not yet! I'd love to hear everyone's guesses!!

Two things!
I may be even slower with the next page as I'll be finally taking a mini-cation with my hubby! I'll only be gone two days, but I won't be near a computer. But that's fine, cause we're going to my favourite city! Monterey!! Ahhhh!!!!!!

Secondly. I'm open for commissions, as my job cut my hours way down. Anyone interested, just email me: [email protected]