Crossing a Bridge
In the early years of the band Collision I wrote a song specifically for the band entitled Passing Through the Portal (for some reason that text does not want to take this link to a page about the song); it's available online somewhere, I think, although it'll cost you ninety-nine cents, I think, for the single, although I have no control over that and don't know what's happening with it.  It's a rather strange song.

The first strange thing about it is that it was a wild idea I had:  Christianity has within it the notion that God is, right now, moving people from "this present evil age" into "the age which is to come"--not exactly that He's going to do it someday, but that He has started doing it already.  "If any man is in Christ he is a new creation" and thus part of the New Creation, the future world, even now.  The gospel message is about a transformation happening in lives that take them from one world to another.  Meanwhile, so many fantasy and science fiction stories involve portals to another world--they become something like figures of the gospel message.  So I created a song in which the singer is "Passing through the portal to the new world."

The second strange thing about it is the mixed reactions we got to it.  There were a number of people who said that the song was like listening to the hard rock radio stations of the late 60's, and to them it made us seem dated and nostalgic; meanwhile, it was the fan favorite, particularly among the teens and pre-teens.  So I never really got a feeling for whether it was a good song for us or not; it wasn't exactly characteristic, although it wasn't too far afield from some of our other stuff (such as Selfish Love).

But I really liked the second verse (I liked a lot of the words, honestly) which reads:

Crossing the bridge, the bridge is a cross.

All that was gain I've counted as loss.

No, it's not my imagination--

I'm moving into the new creation,

Passing through the portal to the new world.

Of course, when you hear it sung, you don't know whether it's the bridge is across all that was gain until you hear the rest of the line.

Well, it was in my mind today because in today's chapter, Verse Three, Chapter One:  The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 119, Hastings 41 the party is confronted with a narrow bridge across a crevice and a bit of magic blocking their way, and Lauren and Bob get to use some of their other talents from earlier in the book to get them across here.  It's that thing they say about character abilities:  you have to reveal them before they're needed, so that it seems natural when they appear.  Anyway, I like the way they appear here.

Got to run.  I was pleased to learn that my account is not overdrawn, but the cash people gave me yesterday must go into it today.