Crossing the Streams: Day 1
We made it to the end of March and, despite some turnover, we're still above the $75 stretch goal. So that means - drumroll! - a computer-generated poem for EVERY patron in good standing!*

(*You're "in good standing" if your last payment wasn't declined. If you are not in good standing but manage to fix the declined payment before I get done posting all the poems, I'll add a poem for you, too. No worries.)

And I have so many wonderful Patrons that we'll need to split this up over five different days! Today I will present to you the first five haiku dedicated to five of my Party Crasher backers.

These poems are made with a program called Gnoetry, trained with the full text of MONSTERS IN MY MIND as a source text.

Without further ado...


For Corey Alexander

Save point? I am so
deep in the real thing: she forgets
Rossini, leaving.  


For Andrew and Kate Barton

Mama: she chased,
what reason she whispered.
It's Bloody Tom's cheekbone.  


For Stephanie Fuller

I took her nails in
below his liturgy, clearing
his only feathers.  


For Alyssa Hillary

and the underbrush,
was eaten when i never
heard of dinosaurs.  


For Kirsten

He swaggered around
someone else lurked underneath.
The pit at her feet.