Crossing the Streams, day 4
After a short pause, here are the computer-generated poems for backers at the $2 through $5 level. These ones are quatrains!

These poems are part of my $75 stretch goal reward, and are made using the program Gnoetry, with MONSTERS IN MY MIND as a source text.


For Elizabeth Bartmess

She has to stand, says there's no longer
fight to be there. Creatures
closed every story, getting
in the temple, harvesting.  

For Mea Fiadhiglas

She wore your own bullet for failure.
Clean house became screams, too
quietly for a meaningful
look like cutting-edge science.  

For Rose Lemberg

Then the ashes backstage. The now-familiar
cold running away. And
tentacle-things don't look at the
others. They are different.  

For Jaime Mayer

She passed up this kind of blood with
astonishing precision,
and seventy messages from
the doctors. Fox-man, then.  

For Lenora Patrick

Remember the moon hasn't sung since
she loved her, safe in their
blood, like a few messages and
he'll tour Pennsylvania.  

For Merc Rustad

And all the coldest black hair twirled
around the temple's apse.
On that subtly flawed tremble of
spacetime: the way up.