Crossing the Streams, part 5
In this final instalment of Crossing the Streams, here are some longer computer-generated quatrains, for my very biggest backers!


For Madeleine Dougherty

She kisses the knees. like rich tinkerers
came knocking them down, to preserve his soul.
Coco hardly paid the others, dreaming
surrounded by fickle music, and freckles.  

For David Alex Lamb

Even when argentinosaurs' don't call
as if we can understand what's left, asking
for someone and she couldn't lie on saturday
in those. She thinks she knew what 'scared' means.  

For Daniel Walter Rowlands

I move differently. She backs away
to get into their bulrush binding. She
whispered. Korinna the monster. She'd
never found the sun. This slime and comfort.  

For Pilar Ramírez Tello

She will rush home with me to kill my energy
into a photograph, trying to brightside
her at you. She would be okay. But she
was nothing but aware enough to me.