Crossover: Amnesia - The Madness Returns
...I don't really have much of an explanation or an excuse for this. Heh. But it turned out pretty well, I thought. Bit of a funny story about its creation - I had already gotten ready for bed and was about to call it a night, when I got that strong mental itch to start sketching something. Wouldn't leave me alone, so I got back up and started sketching. Finally, around 3 a.m., the art frenzy subsided and I was left with the framework for this image. It wasn't until after I got some sleep then came back to it that I wondered why my brain would do such a thing. Anyway...both games incorporate memories, both games have creepy monsters and weirdness, both protagonists are English (and a bit unstable), so I guess it's not quite as much of a surprise that my mind would decide to randomly combine the two. And of course it had to go and make some slightly modified versions of some 'Alice' monsters.
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