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-Access to a community of strongly engaged learners of Norse language and literature at patreon.com/norsebysw where Dr. Crawford participates and answers questions as well.

-Access to a monthly "Norse Q and A" Zoom call with my assistant Stella and other community members, where you can get many of your questions about mythology and folklore answered and get great pointers about further readings.

-Access to frequent live interviews with experts where you get to pose your questions to the people in the world who know the most about Norse language, literature, and related subjects (for example, experts in religion, linguistics, archaeology, other languages in the area, etc.). Interviews are usually held on weekends and typically happen a few times a month.

-Early access to some videos.

-An annual hand-signed holiday card delivered in the mail.

Some "fine print": Very old videos may refer to two rewards that are no longer offered, a Discord community (discontinued in 2018) and translations into Old Norse for Patreon supporters (also discontinued around 2018). Stella and I will help you study Old Norse, but won't translate texts for you and we don't know of anyone we could recommend to do that for you at this time. 

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