The crown of being


I´m a mess. As probably many of you. I know several of you have been touched by the virus. HOW ARE YOU?! I know some of you are quarantined. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And I know some of you are out there, fighting what Mother Earth has thrown at us. 

My father sent me this joke I just HAVE to share with you. You probably heard the first part already.

Two planets meet. "Oh, you look bad, what is it?"

"I feel terrible. I´ve got Homo Sapiens."

"Ah, no worries, take this: Corona Forte."

I don´t know why I played with breathing masks since September. I don´t know why I made a postcard crowded with mini-us saying Dear World: We´re all fucked.

Well to be honest I DO know. Because we are. Fucked, I mean. 

One way or another, we needed life to kick our asses, give us that look, and send us to our rooms. We´ve been misbehaving.

Still, it´s not fair. Life is never fair.

I´m still in a great position. Germany has the most intense care beds per capita in the WORLD. And is handling "the situation" if not great, then at least somehow. We are promised finacial help even. Still I can´t help yell at the walls at midnight: WHYYYYYYY Corona, why not just three fecking weeks later?

I am mourning just the work of 18 months, the shitload of money (also yours) spent, and that I will not see and hug my friends this weekend. So many of you bought tickets <3 

I miss you.

I´m doing my best to hang on. I learned three new jobs in ten days, web designer, streaming pro (well.... beginner), social media marketer. and probably a few more. while I was stuck with editing video AGAIN. 

We recorded our set for the Steamball which now is a Streamball in one night and on seven takes. Did I tell you that already? Probably. Editing this out turned out a nightmare because we were so tired that we didn´t play one good runthrough and I had to go through hours and hours of video AND audio, without even knowing which take belongs where. I had planned on doing nothing but rehearsal and announcing the album this March month. And give you some art. Not gonna happen right now, sorry. I will send you art, don´t worry. also downloadable stuff for the places that don´t deliver mail right now. I´ll send out the CDs and the artbooks ordered on indiegogo and bandcamp. But I haven´t written a Corona masterpiece yet.

A few days ago, during one of my short breaks, I read a post from a Swiss paper that made me terribly angry. It said basically: Dear artists, don´t annoy us with streams. go into your room and write a masterpiece. 

I was SO angry.

It might not sound very humble, but I think TRIGGER WARNING is a masterpiece. And look. I guess F&S will never be a household name now. At least I can blame the virus for the rest of my life!

I am so glad that you are here. You make me keep going. Only you, actually.

Tomorrow night (8pm Germany) I´ll livestream on, probably via youtube, not sure yet, still fighting the tech, but the facebook page stream will also be visible without an account. Join me!

And Saturday.... we will have the STREAMBALL. is where it´s gonna happen.

We´ll open a zoom room too and I sincerely hope you will join us there to party.

The program is awesome. Even our set I´ve been fighting so hard :-D

We´ll host live, Liliana and I. We can´t be more than 2 people in one room here but I´ll try and sneak in the Chief at some point...

It will be fun. And I´ll very probably burst into tears, when Mish and Taylor and Sam and all of you appear on the screen. Let´s all have a good cry.

Let´s survive this. 


i love you


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