Crptid Madness is coming!
Hey Hellions, you may have noticed some changes to the old Patreon page. That's because I've done some rearranging in order to use this site to feature my upcoming monthly choose your adventure serial, CLASH OF THE CRYPTIDS. First, whaddya think of the bitching cover? I can assure you this is going to be a wild ride. 

And I haven't forgotten the past rewards on each tier, so you old school Hellions will still get shout outs on Monster Men (finally filming new eps in the lab this weekend!), Google hangouts and more. 

Here's the skinny on Clash of the Cryptids : 

Bigfoot battling Chupacabras to the death! The Jersey Devil squaring off in an aerial fight with Thunderbirds! Mongolian Death Worms rising from the earth to swallow up Mothman! Dover Demons running rampant! Loch Ness Monsters bursting from the Loch to devour villages! The world is overrun with monsters, and only a select few can stop the madness.

Starting in September, we’re going to make history together with the first ever choose your adventure horror novel. CLASH OF THE CRYPTIDS will feature returning characters from my past books, including :

Rooster Murphy (Swamp Monster Massacre)

Nick Brogna (The Dover Demon)

Natalie & Austin McQueen, and Henrik Kooper (Loch Ness Revenge, Savage Jungle)

The Willet clan and Norm Cranston (The Jersey Devil)

Dalton Gray (The Montauk Monster)

And a few more surprise guests.