So, this morning I woke up to get ready to do my daily warm up art, but before that I remembered I needed to upload yesterdays image into my dA gallery and when I got into the daily warm-up folder... it was a massacre.

I have no idea what the frik happened but  it happened to ALL the daily warm up files. I looked back at the ones I uploaded yesterday and it seems like those are messed up too.

the only survivor is the preview image that's ON the post.

lone survivor.


how does this happen?

why does this happen?

sigh... ah well, nothing is permanent in this or any other universe and art wouldn't be special if it lasted forever.

i need to do some harddrive backing up today to my other two drives

this is a weird and scary one.

maybe it's all that FF8 teasing I was doing last post, come back to haunt me.