Cruelle the Drow [Fallen Heroine]

Cruelle is a rich and a little crazy (as maybe all female dark elves) lady from a powerful drow clan. The drow was underground too long time, so she has ambition to reach the top of this world.  

Her clan has a bargaining chip now, the Drow are in one step to the Weapon of the Ancients

 Cruelle's favorite hobby is a sexual torture, like to make fun with feminine-looking handsome guys or punish pretty maids. 

Cruelle the Drow always has a cheerful smile for her prisoners, she likes to be polite with her victims.

Strengths:  Her MILF's sexy power is overwhelming.  Sometimes even brave orcish warriors  have dreams to be whipped by Mistress of Pain and lick her pussy...

Weakness:  Hmmm, is it sissy boys or slut girls, or vice-versa?!

Next I'll show you the Succubus. 
It's the top wanted heroine according to your races votes, folks

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