CRW Hyperbolic Chamber 2/21/2016: Firestar's Promo
Tyler H, Same Ol' War.
Vergil, Our War's Just Begun.

Firestar Hart & "The Decender" Jordan Skywalker deliver a Cryptic Message to

both current CRW Champion, Tyler H, and current CRW World Heavyweight

Champion, "The Dark Overlord" Vergil (DmC) just minutes before CRW

Hyperbolic Chamber and their War Games Hyperbolic Chamber Match tonight.

Tyler H defends the CRW Championship against formerly "The Dark Saint" now "The Irish Warrior" Matt Mulligan.

While in the Main Event, The Deadly Saints go into the War Games combined

with the Hyperbolic Chamber against Vergil's Void in what is sure to be a

HUGE 5-on-5 Match... In more ways than one.

El Noveno, Jake Phoenix, Volt Krueger, Lucifer Reigns, Seth Ambrose, "The Soldier"

Killzone, Dangerous Diana Taylor, Jessica Parish and more are featured.

Paul Phoenix vs. "The Phenomenal Badass" Billy Bowers vs. Luke Ryder is

also happening.

"The Stoned Wind" Tornado is also in the building tonight.

Make sure you're at High Volume when listening and Johnny Gat's good friend

and artist that currently does his theme song, Warning Shot, Machine Gun

Kelly is in the house tonight!

Stay tuned to Facebook for results and my links are on my page. Yes, this was actually me lol if you didn't know already. New Attire's pretty sweet huh?

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