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Cry Baby Cry (Beatles Cover)
Hello my friends, 

This is a song I recorded a few years back as a part of a compilation for Mojo Magazine in a celebration of The Beatles - White Album, Mojo asked a handful of artists to do remakes of these songs. It was a real honor to have been a part of this project. It was so rare having only been included with the magazine issue that I wanted to share. Made in a weekend in a portland basement. It was all hand claps, oos and ahhs, an old piano, a kick drum, a tambourine, many shakers and perhaps one of Tony's infamous magic brownies! I thought it turned out pretty cool. I especially like the trail out section and making the harmonies kind of reminded me

when I recorded Pretend on Revenge Songs, where I layered a bunch of really lo-fi oos and ahhs singing into a pair of headphones. I go in and out of my obsession with the Beatles, they are one of those bands you can always go back to and it's great fun to learn about how they recorded their songs. The creativity that went into those records is my favorite part.

Thanks very much for supporting my music/songwriting. It really is encouraging. My goal is to post a brand new song here in every weeks. I want you guys to hold me accountable to that, It may even be 1/2 a song! but, it will be something. I'll keep you posted how the writing is going. I'm trying to wake up early every morning and do some writing in that half-dream state that can sometimes bring about cool ideas.

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