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Crypt of the Necrodancer NOTORIOUS D.I.G (Fortissimole) - Metal Cover
Hey guys! Here is the completed video for my newest cover which is Crypt of the Necrodancer's "Notorious D.I.G (Fortissimole)" theme!

For those who aren't familar with this game, Crypt of the Necrodancer is a super rad indie game that's relatively new and has some new DLC that just came out called AMPLIFIED. This particular theme is from that DLC.

The premise of the game is that you have to traverse dungeonns and slay monnsters in order to progress but the trick is that you have to move and attack to the beat of the music. With this being the case, the game's ost is insanely groovy and cool!

This particular theme has vocals on it and it was actually my friend FamilyJules' idea for me to hit this track up. He did a cover of this recently as well with Ahren Gray that was super kick ass but we both knew that a version done by me would be a lot different vocally as my vocal style is more along the death metal / black metal style.

So I did my thing with this and made is super crunchy and heavy. I tried to essentially reconstruct the song as a metal song but using the same chord progressions and melodies to keep it familar to the original.

I also insisted on keeping that gnarly trance synth on the chorus in my arrangement. It's not often that I can get away with using a synth sound like that. ;)

I had a ton of fun putting this together, I will admit that the vocals were insanely challenging and almost scary to record. The vocal parts on the original are in a very hip hop / rap style that has some mad speed to it. I simply just recorded every part a whole bunch of times and hoped for the best. I'm super happy with how it turned out and I'm glad to say that I acomplished this milestone!

I hope you guys enjoy this cover as much as I enjoyed making it!

~ Jack / ToxicxEternity

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