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Crypto Tour Special: Arrival in Austin to retrofit the bus
We finally arrive in Austin. More like finally finish editing a video! Sorry for the long break, we've been super busy. I've barely had time to edit, or the wifi to upload. We've been traveling a lot, went to the Jackalope Freedom Festival, and now we are branding our Winnebago! Videos to come! So much exciting stuff is happening for our family! Including the Dash sponsorship of the Jackalope Freedom Festival, which you can already find tons of footage online. Part of the proposal includes branding the Winnebago the Dash mobile, and at Jackalope we announced the continuation of our Crypto Tour to the Re-Thinking Everything Conference. We hope to meet you on our travels, but if not, keep enjoying our videos, and sharing them with your friends! Thanks for the support! Love the Undocumented Human Family