"Crystal clear"
Sometimes there is a book that moves you. To me, 'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm' is such a book. Lyme disease is a terrible disease. Not only because of the uncertainty about 'do I have it or not?’ or about the causes of contamination or opportunities to cure it, but especially because the ignorance of many doctors (in almost all specialisations) and the denial from various community groups about the fact that you are not better after a few weeks of treatment.  

Many can be helped by early recognition and a robust treatment, but ... not that many are! They will get persistent or chronic Lyme. This book is written for the close family and friends of these people.

'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm' is very insistently written based on intensive, almost existential, personal experiences by Huib himself and other people with Lyme. In many places these experiences are preceded by a brief philosophical / psychological "trendsetters". Huib is absolutely a good writer and has a solid intellectual baggage. Furthermore, he does not lose his ability for self-deprecation. 

In chapter 10 he gives a clear overview of relevant ‘things to know’ about Lyme. He makes it crystal clear that here is an urgent need for a clear diagnostic system and technology that is clear whether you have for Lyme or not. The comparison he makes with other human ecosystems was thought-provoking to me.

The book also touches on issues surrounding Lyme that seem completely implausible to layman, such as the statement that Lyme 'does not exist', that Lyme kids are not sick and that their parents can ‘thus’ be dangerous because of ‘Münchhausen by proxy’. For me this was also beyond my imagination until 2014; the moment that I personally dealt with a situation like this. The virtual tours and other intellectual excursions Huib then gives with his ironic undertone are a good reflection of the seriousness of the situation.

Finally, I hope that because of reading this book everyone will give the necessary support to his or her sick loved ones in the search for doctors, diagnosis, treatment and acceptance by the immediate (family, friends) and indirect (doctors, insurance companies, members of the judiciary, disability payment offices) environment.

Review of 'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm' by Jan C. Eendebak, former chairman of the Foundation for Tick Bite Diseases (Lyme). The Netherlands