Crystal Companion- Tektites
Tektites are excellent Crystal Companions when working with balance. Tektites are a kind of glass which is formed from the intense heat and pressure when a meteor hits the earth. This makes them a lovely symbol of the coming together of heaven and earth as well as the joining of the masculine -the heat and power and action of the metorite- with the feminine, receptive, nourishing soil of the earth. You can find plenty of pitted, glassy, black tektites in the Australian desert, South East Asia and Tibet but some extra special impactite varieties you may have heard of are: Moldavite- (pictured bottom left courtesy of Crystal Universe Perth) is a forest green tektite formed from a meteor strike 15 million years ago around the present day Czech Republic. Libyan Desert Glass- (pictured top right courtesy of Crystal Connections with Adam Barralet) is a yellow shade formed in the sands of the Sahara Desert around 26 million years ago. Darwinite- (top picture courtesy of Crystal Universe Perth) is a brownish, semi-opaque tektite from Mt Darwin in Tasmania where a meteorite is believed to have struck the earth around 800,000 years ago. If you're interested in purchasing some tektites, DM me with your budget and I'll send you some photos.