Crystalline Classic
Cupcake made an excellent showing at Crystalline Classic this weekend. She took second place in both her Light Entertainment and Interpretive categories, skated beautifully and was positive and focused throughout. We are very proud of our Mighty Girl. She has proven to be both a gracious winner and a good loser and we are pleased to be raising a good sport.

Cupcake dropped hockey to focus on figure skating. She can always pick up hockey again later, but for now she wanted the extra time to work on her skills for competition. She skates 5-6 days a week for a total of 12-15 hours and has 2 private lessons with her outstanding coach each week. It's a lot of ice time (which is exactly as she wants it) and we are, as ever, grateful to all of you who are contributing to her dream.

For my part, I'm about 20 hours in on the latest project- attaching rhinestones to a dress for her new technical program which debuts in July!