Cthulhu, the Esoteric Book Conference, and more
The Cthulhu pin pre-order special ended last night and I'm happy to say there were enough pre-orders to cover all the initial production expenses! At this point I am still anticipating being able to ship them mid-September.

Speaking of September, I will be attending the Esoteric Book Conference on the 10th and 11th! I was unable to take charge of the art show or apply to be featured  this year due to my workload, but I will have a few prints available in the show. I'm very much looking forward to being able to attend all of the lectures this year. The Esoteric Book Conference consistently brings together a great variety of scholars, practitioners, writers, artists, performers. publishers and booksellers. As an added bonus, the conference is held in the University District near the always impressive Gargoyles Statuary.

I'll be working the next few days on finishing the last Babalon prints so that I can offer them at the EBC. That said, Patrons at the $2 and up level will have first the first purchase opportunity. I'm also once again working on the woodcut inspired by The VVitch. I can't promise it will be done soon since the big project is still my top priority, but working on it is helping me sort out some design issues, so I might just stay on it for a bit.

One last note, my website is down, which means there are likely some broken images here. We're working on it, but it looks like my host is screwing up big time and it may be a week before we can get it working again.