Cthulhu Wars review: Abhoth (****)
Abhoth first appeared in Clark Ashton Smith's "Seven Geases" as a pool of perpetually spawning bodyparts. So you can imagine it's a bit of a challenge for any sculptor to accurately recreate the amorphous appearance of Abhoth.  Cthulhu Wars does not disappoint.

This form of Abhoth appears to be a large brain atop a dripping spinal chord, with a mass of flesh dangling from it in strips and myraid tentacles. It comes complete with a bubbling pool with some hands reaching out of it. 

As a D&D monster, this is perhaps the best representation of an illithid elder brain.  I painted the brain pink and the fleshy parts skin-colored and then gave it a green wash, which unfortunately muddied it a bit.  Overall though this is an excellent sculpt for any kind of brain-alien or eldritch being from beyond.

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