The Cube (Project 555)
A place outside of linear time.

The sound of data rushing in like a wave.

The signal and the noise.

Two minds, conscious human souls uploaded to a computer system after death. Trapped for what could be eternity.

The limitations of the system mean that both are incomplete and missing data.

She calls herself Rachel, though she can no longer remember why.

He calls himself Eric, and he will never forgive himself for that.

An Artificial Intelligence is here, trying to organize and make sense of things. Its programmer named it Alyssa. It was intended to have only limited functionality. Inside the Cube, Alyssa is much more than that.

The Cube is made up of a glowing blue substance unlike anything else on earth, retrieved in a covert military operation from a vacant lot in Long Beach, California in 1981, and returned to Pangent Technologies in London decades later. Its surface area is fractal and theoretically infinite. It is constantly generating energy which needs to be worked off somehow to prevent an explosion.

The Cube's properties are so volatile and hypnotic that even looking at a photograph of it is often enough to make a person ill, or pass out. When its energy is spent, it is cool to the touch. You can pick it up and hold it, if you no longer value your life.

Inside it is encrypted data not intended to be opened until the year 2525.




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