Cube with Equal Vertices on Every Face
Dear Patrons,

if you always dreamt of having a cube with equal number of vertices on every face, you don't have to dream anymore. 

I translated into javascript the code from a tutorial of the great "CatLikeCoding" (

And I'm sharing it as an abstraction. 

Put the js file and the .maxpat in the Max search path in order to use the abstraction from every patch. 

The best path for the js file is: /Users/yourname/Documents/Max 7/Packages/(create a folder called)my_externals/(create a folder called)jsextensions/(put the file here)

The .maxpat file can be in the Library folder in your Max 7 folder in the Documents. 

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

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Thank you so much for the incredible support! Hope you can find the patches for this tier useful and interesting. 

If your lifetime pledge is 20$ or more send me a message and I will send you those patches! 

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