CUCK is going to Portland!!
CUCK! was just accepted into the Oregon Short Film Festival being held in Portland on February 3rd at the Avalon Theater.

Aside from the sheer joy of having my short play on a big screen, there are some major upsides to this festival.

1.) It's in it's third year so odds are the short will actually be screened.

2) I have enough Amtrak points banked that that I don't have to spend any money on a business class ticket.

3) I have friends in Portland I can stay with so I don't have to pay for a hotel room. (STILL PENDING!)

As a result, this trip will make up for the financial implosion that was the Georgia trip. Added to the fact that Portland is one of my favorite cities to visit (And that I have a copy of CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT that my aforementioned friend needs to set eyeballs on.) The capacity for fun seems a little bit higher that the last trip.

I'll have ticket information up as soon as I get it.