The Cuckold Humiliation Handbook

The Cuckold Humiliation Handbook is full of erotic stories inspired by a post on my website, Deliciously Naughty Cuckold Humiliation Ideas. There's a story for each idea on that post, and as I add new ideas I'll add new stories. Below you'll find a link to each story.

If this is your first time here, you'll need to be a supporter at the Femdom tier to read these stories. Remember, when you become a supporter you get access to the content at all previous tiers, so you'd be able to get your hands on everything (that's a lot of cuckold-fueled orgasms, I promise).

So, here's the list of stories. For each one I explain the idea and then explore it with the story. They're listed in the order they were published, from oldest to newest. Enjoy!

I'll continue to update the list as more stories get added, so become a supporter today and then come back often!

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