Cultural Tide & War
The Beatles song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was stuck in my head, ended up thinking on it and i noticed a similarity between.. something of how big media shows a singer and everybody is for it, and war with everybody being for it, both seeming to be the same function. The emotion or sentiment seems to be irrelevant and takes the shape of the particular media thing. I don't know if it was the case but in a sense pop culture(or what have you) or culture could be, either knowingly or not of such a function, manipulated into being. If you were to take a bunch of "Nobodies", give the possibility they're the next big thing, doing all this from a source where millions will see it and only it, it would be impossible to not turn something that was nothing into something. To which, near impulsively and to varied degrees (by individual) by mere exposure would adapt. Depending on the individual. Blind faith could exacerbate such a thing. This seems to happen regardless the persons of medias' intent of it or not, and regardless the scale/number of the people. The point of turning something into nothing is interesting, because look at cultural difference. Varied objects and idolatry of one culture appearing as nothing, of no significance, to other cultures or sub-cultures (It's odd, that reality or truth seems more often then not cherry picked, or is only a 'possible occurrence' in such cultural tide). So what is the cultural transition of an inanimate thing (object, thing, or idea.,) gains general significance? Becomes palpable to a people? it does appear to be mere exposure for most.. So to media there is an ebb and flow, a ride, cultural tide or fad one can get caught on, the nature of which man shifts between more or less blindly. Consistently throughout history. I wonder which boat we're on these days..