Current happenings~
As some of you may have noticed, I've been looking for work. My dayjob currently suffocates me. Luckily my partner is entering the job market and the weight on my shoulders will be such less.

I've been transitioning from focusing my skills on what will most easily allow me to bring my visions to life, to focusing on developing and honing skills that still allow me to create what I want but also be viable in the job market.

At the end of the week, I officially start a junior programmer position on a small project. This will be paid work, and I am also being mentored during this time. This is more than what I ever expected to find during my jobhunt. 

During this project I will do my best to work on my own personal projects but they are not as high of a priority as excelling at my given tasks. Being able to jump from this project to the next paid position is very important.

I'm learning C#, I'm still working on Project Eden when I can, and maybe soon I won't have to work 11am-7pm nearly every day.  

Thanks for the support, knowing you're there has always inspired me. 

Never give up,

Arielle Grimes