Current Situation and Plans

Since when I started with, it was a free time project. This means that I covered server costs out of my own pockets and especially spent a lot of time into keeping it running and improve it. I'm grateful for all the support I received during this time, still the incoming donations were far from being able to cover the monthly costs.

As you probably already have realized, for the moment I had to take the site down due to some issues in the backend. I'm in the process of backing everything up and set up the server from scratch again. Of course I hope to be able to bring it back up as soon as possible, still some import parts might take quite a while. The goal is to first being able to bring back up at least all files which were available, so they can be downloaded at the state they had before.

From people asking me about how they can support me in this time and keeping up, the idea came up to offer the possibility for people to more actively support and participate in the future of Further, this allows that people more easily can dedicate a small but steady amount to help covering the monthly hardware costs.

For the moment, the tiers are kept quite basic (the main reason to have multiple tiers is to allow you to have some variation in how much you would like to contribute), all of them have a discord role associated to show other people that you are helping As soon as at least parts of are back up, I will see if there are other benefits to offer for patrons and extend the tiers' benefits (e.g. having a badge on your username on as well). Also, I'm open to suggestions if you have any proposal.

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