Current Fantasia Archive roadmap - 04/07/2021

DISCLAIMER: There will be no timetable or time-map for now as this is a free hobby project as as such can only have so much of my time allocated. I can't guarantee WHEN the features will arrive, but I can at least offer a roadmap in which order the features will be coming

Please that some of the entries have the same numbers on them - these will be decided via a community poll at some later point as they do not need to finished in the same order as those set in stone.

Also please note that that the roadmap contains ONLY major updates. There will be occasional bug fix/QoL/small feature updates among the big ones.

Currently, the software has the following roadmap:

1. Project management

1.1 - Non-fancy JPG/MD exports (maybe PDF)

1.2 - Simple @ mentions in text editor fields

2. Image/Media support

3. Map support

4. Advanced @ mentions in the text editor fields

5. Export into fancy PDF/MD

6. Templates/custom field/page management

7-10. GM/Player mode

7-10. Timeline/calendar of some sort

7-10. Family-tree/relationships graphical generator

7-10. Mutli-world support


Project management

Project management implies an overhaul of how different projects are being handles. This will allow for a much smoother and more intuitive user experience much more similar to some more standardized desktop software.

This is also a necessary step in order to support future image and map integration features.

Image/Media support

This one is fairly self-explanatory - an ability to add featured images and an unlimited gallery of images.

As a bonus, this update will also add an option to use images instead of the icons for both the fields and the page itself - allowing for more unique and diversified icons in both tabs and the hierarchical tree in the left column of the app.

Map support

Not much to explain here - image with pins that contain a page of their own and link to either sub-maps or individual documents elsewhere in the app (think WA/Legend Keeper functionality to some degree).

Advanced @ mentions in the text editor fields

Advanced support for @ mention linking inside text editors. I have a few features planned for this that are not currently available in any of the competing apps so you can expect something a little more than mere @ mentions.

Export into fancy PDF and other formats

Self-explanatory - a fancy export of one or multiple pages into a PDF/JPG format for easier handling when needing to print or showcase your work.

Templates/Custom field/Page management

Support for adding custom fields and pages to the projects along with editing the existing ones. This will allow basically unlimited dynamicity of the app when it comes to storing and displaying data but will require arguably the most work out of all mentioned features.

This will allow users to create custom templates for each of the predefined categories.

A template implies a set of prefilled information that can be auto-filled for any document (for example a Dark elf necromancer will have a race "Dark elf" and certain stats along with certain spells linked to him).

As a bonus, this feature will also allow for hiding and light modification of existing data-fields for the particular category while using this template: For example, if you are using FA to write a book, you will not be needing the stats so you will be able to hide such fields.

GM/Player mode

An addition that will allow GMs to set their projects to GM/Player mode upon exporting - This will allow for progressive discovery of the world being done by the player party while preserving the world with its all intricate connections.

Timeline/calendar of some sort

Some form of timeline/calendar view for your world-building needs to show a fancy and organized look of how your world has been developing over the centuries.
Or just a character's life and all the scary things that happened to them along the way. ,)

Family tree/relationships graphical generator

Graphical representation of a family tree or a relationship web between characters, political groups, or anything else - pretty self-explanatory.

Mutli-world support

Ability to add multiple world-categories at the very top of the hierarchical tree with each of them having a separate set of the main categories underneath it.

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