Current Game Project: Love-Love Monster
In a few words, Love-Love Monster is an interaction based game that also includes several minigames to play with a variety of characters. You can talk to and help out different characters and raise their affection levels as they get to know you more! How will it all end? That's up to you to find out!

This game is simple to create, and I'm aiming for a Valentine's Day release, or at the latest an end of February release. There are plenty of opportunties to stick in lots of functionality that I would love to put in, like poking at (clicking on) characters directly just to get reactions (various points of interaction, for better or for worse!), or deeper levels of interaction between characters. Maybe even more minigames! It's all based on how much free time I have available before release, but at the bare minimum the core gameplay will be available in February. 

I'll announce more details as things get closer to release (or if I just do something cool). If you want a whole lot of interaction, become a Patreon and give me some extra time to code in all this stuff!