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Hey folks,
So, Lacewing help file is done. It includes details about all five variants of Lacewing, including Relay and Blue, and the details on the new Lacewing Blue Unicode.

Help file update

While working on it, as mentioned in my post before, there were bugfixes done while writing the help file.
In addition, there's some inconsistency with selection in loop finished events that I need to hash out, ideally by replicating Relay's selection behaviour in Blue, but if that's not possible due to Relay being inconsistent too, I'll just standardise the behaviour.

The help file is ready to all patrons, and if you have the $15+ patron tier, you can gain early access to Blue Unicode release as well. It's had substantial bug-testing and the latest version has proven stable and secure so far. Darkwire Server 1 runs a Unicode server, so you can test the Blue Client with the public server in your games.

Be warned: Fusion always prefers a Unicode version over a non-Unicode version, so if you update your extension, it will save any MFAs so they will look for the Unicode MFX.

However, since I'm not planning on releasing a non-Unicode version later, that won't be an issue. (In the Unicode update, there is still a extension MFX that runs in non-Unicode Fusion 2.0, but that MFX will receive Unicode messages and translate them as best it can for the Fusion runtime.)

Perk list

Here's a list of other extensions available to the $15+ Patreon tiers for no extra payment:

  • Amazon S3 object - cloud file storage on Amazon S3
  • FFmpeg object - video/audio reader, currently just reads framerate of video files
  • Google Cloud Storage - cloud file storage on Google Cloud Storage (not Google Drive)
    (view on ClickStore here, if not a $15+ patron, you can buy directly from ClickStore)
  • LZMA2 Object - compression ext using 7Zip algorithm, ported to HTML5
    (view on ClickStore here, if not a $15+ patron, you can buy directly from ClickStore)
  • RTSP Object - video displaying, downloading, transcoding ext for rtsp://XX video streams
  • SQL ODBC object - SQL database object, works with several SQL database types like MSSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Tree Lister object - loops through folders in a loop broken up into sections
  • Web Query Object - Multithreaded object, like Get Object but with a lot more features, downloads faster than Download object
    (view on ClickStore here, if not a $15+ patron, you can buy directly from ClickStore)
  • Phi Object - Object with miscellaneous features for reading system and Fusion details.
    Currently has features for getting all alt values/strings from an object's instances, hard disk capacity and used size, and RAM size.

Don't forget, patrons and non-patrons alike can vote for concepts and tasks to be done on my tasklist.

In 2021 so far, I have worked 347 hours, 9 minutes on Bluewing Unicode and the help file, and received $859.31 from patrons (or $774.60 after taxes and Patreon took their share).

So thanks a bunch for your patronage! It helps a lot to pay for the work I do. I have a pricey move to America coming up next year.


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