Current projects + More info
As the first Super Patron tier has been taken I figured I should list the projects eligible for a character cameo, as well as some more info on how I will be running this patreon.

My current projects are:

Netherworld Chronicles( a currently updating webcomic about a former theif's misadventures in the afterlife, inspired by heavy metal imagery and RPG video games like Disgaea,

Date With a Plant Monster (a.k.a. Dank Date)A tongue in cheek take on the dating sim genre that stars all manner of monster folk where your choices not only effect who you'll end up with, but whether or not you even survive. (

K.A.B.A.N.G.(Cover here A spy comic with anthropomorphic characters where a hardened but rusty female agent attempts to take down criminal orginisation with an unlikely partner. (This comic has not publically started yet, though previews are available to anyone who pledged 25 dollars or more.

My other projects are still in the conceptual phase, but I will update the list as things develop.

And now , some patreon information:


With the way patreon works as a monthly pledging system, no money will be taken or received until the end of a month, and as such, to avoid patreon scamming (which sadly is quite common) art related rewards will not be given out until the first payment has been received, however comic page previews and such will still be available. Also to clarify all tiers above the first will also include the rewards from the former (with the exception of the raffle, as all tiers $25 and above already include a full commission as a reward).

For commission rewards, please limit to one full character or two characters' busts, this ensures I'll be able to draw them all within a reasonable time, just try to keep it somewhat simple, that said characters that have some complex elements as part of their actual design, such as mech parts is totally fine.

If you want NSFW art as a reward then refer to these rules for what I will and won't draw I'm usually pretty lax with it, but in the event that art requested goes outside my comfort zone I will do my best to work with the patron to find an alternative. As this patreon is not nsfw flagged, all nsfw art will be hosted off-site (all art can also be made private by request)

I do not believe in putting content behind a paywall, so my projects will become public eventually, patreon supporters will just have first dibs.

What if the difference between a cameo character and a canon character? A cameo character will appear at some point in  the chosen comic/game but will not have plot relevance and may not interact directly with the main characters, a canon character will speak face to face with the main character, singled out from background characters and help to advance the plot in some way.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to send me a message.