Current Rewards (To be changed in the future)
You guys work so hard for your cash it would be wrong if I don't give something in return. 

Since I'm currently saving up for a new PC I can't offer anything really fancy. The only thing I can offer is a shout-out in a video and drawings. If you are unaware I draw sketches for fun as well as use them for my videos from time to time. 

Unfortunately I cannot draw for everyone who becomes a patreon but I CAN offer them to the TOP THREE patreons. The top three patreons have a choice between colored or sketch of the following:

-Head Shots

-Full Body (Head to waste)

-Group (no more than three)

Please check the links attached to view samples of my work.

Please take note my art is but not limited to anthro and ponies. So please if you want anything specific notify me immediately. Also I will require references if you want me to do OCs

I WILL NOT DO NSFW so please don't ask.

The top three will be chosen at the end of each month.

When I become bigger and better on youtube I hope to have better rewards in the near future!