So now that the cat is out of the bag, I’d like to a clear a few things up that may be causing confusion as well as present how we are planning to release the subsequent installments of fault.

First of all, milestone 2 will be broken up into two segments: A for above(上) and B for below(下). We decided to do this for 2 reasons. First, the story got too long and substantial to sell at a 15 dollar price point which we aren’t planning to raise, and second, if we crammed in both we won’t be able to release ms2 till sometime later in 2016. We’re actually very optimistic about this decision though since it forced us to reign a few elements of the story in that could have gotten out of control. “Art from adversity” is something we always try to keep in mind.

Now, some of you may be wondering if milestone two side:above is just half a story. It’s not. Just like milestone one, it has it’s own ending and will work as a standalone installment. Volume wise, side:above is on par, or even even longer than milestone one. I just wanted to make it clear that we’re not selling you a half completed product just to rush things out. In fact, the original plan was to sell side:above as milestone two and below as milestone 3 but I decided against this for 1 specific reason and thats to preserve a consistent theme with each milestone.

I can’t really get into details without spoiling the story… but basically milestone two has a very specific theme and A and B are different ways of exploring said theme. It would be out of place to call side:below milestone 3 because it’s quite literally not a milestone on its own. The same goes for above.


Also, we will be sandwiching Silence the Pedant (StP from this point on) between ms2 side:above and below. Meaning, the releases will go in the order as follows:

fault - milestone two side:above


fault - milestone two side:below

This is to fulfill our promise to our Kickstarter backers in a timely manner and to tell a way better side:below story. Hare-san and I have thought very hard about this structure and we’ve specifically designed ms2a and ms2b so StP can be sandwiched in between. We’re planning to finish StP by Q1 of 2016. (edit 2016/02/02 more like Q3 now. This game has become much larger in size than originally planned)

All in all, if you have faith in us, try not to worry too much the structure. We promise you that you, the reader, is the who we are constantly thinking about when designing these stories. How can we deliver the best story possible within the limitations that we have? This is our answer and we hope you enjoy the ride.


Also, don’t you all want to see Rughzenhaide!? A 14 year old Ritona and a 9 year old Selphine?? With the premise that Ritona abhors the country of Rughzenhaide!?!? Forgive me for being excited. I’ve been wanting to do StP for a while as it was the first story that I plotted (even before ms1). Hare-san wasn’t even a part of ALICE IN DISSONANCE at the time.

Personally I believe that milestone one, two (A+B) and Silence the Pedant combined is the true “introduction” to the fault series.

Thanks for your time!