Current Status
As 2017 rolls by, I've given a lot of thought to what I want to do with my Youtube channel. 

I created a Patreon a while ago and slowly started to sneak it into some videos, but I haven't fully fleshed it out just yet. Theres a lot I am considering and there might be a few changes happening soon.

Right now, I've left my Patreon to charge Patrons "per video" so that I can control when a charge happens for now, while I'm still trying to get everything sorted out. In other words, I can use this to prevent any charges being made for the time being while I'm figuring stuff out.

First off, I won't be spamming too many speed-draws anymore. Previously, I'd been trying to keep a bi-weekly schedule with uploads just to keep my channel "Active" and relevent to Youtube. For purely animation, this would be impossible, so I subbed in a speed-draw every other upload for a time. This still proved to be extremely difficult and the one speed draw became 3 in a row. I know people hate these, the comments and views speak for themselves. For the extra work I was doing to try and make my channel more relevant, these made little to no difference at all. 

So now that I have a Patreon and I'm not relying soley on Youtube, I'm going to be focussing on animation - Short animation and tutorials related to animation, as that is what people watch my channel for and its what I want to do. Speed Draws will only happen when I feel I have something actually interesting to show. 

This will mean that uploads will be few and far between. As I get more support, I may be able to make this a full time thing, but thats still a long way off. Its a goal I'm hoping to slowly work towards.

Anyway, back to Patreon, I will be changing up the tiers a bit. I want to keep the lowest $1 tier and the Character cameo tier, but I will be changing the $5 tier to instead allow access to some exclusive content. I will be posting sketches, WIP and stages related to projects I've done or I'm working on as a reward for those who pledge $5.

I also want to add a $10 tier for more substantial previews which will be animatics, standalone scenes or short gifs of stuff I'm working on.

My next video, I'm planning to properly promote my Patreon and this video will not incur a charge. Some proper content will be on its way however =p