Current work in progress
Right, so unfortunately, this weekend I need to update one of my other products and I want to do some extra hours on my "day job" so this week I'm not gonna be able to do the weekly tutorial...

Instead I thought I'd show you what I have up to this point.

I was thinking I might have to go into the whole data-view concept with you guys at some point also and I think the ammo count at the bottom of the screen will do well for that part.

Each one of those counters fetches it's data from another source. In fact, each one of those automatically detects and selects which ammo it represents and once it has determined that it updates the timer by fetching the value from the object that holds the data... this includes the starting ammo count, the maximum ammo per type and how many are awarded when bonus are awarded.

So they are completely automated systems and update themselves with data that is managed elsewhere.... but more on that later.

Remember I said that this game requires a mouse with 2 buttons and a keyboard so this game is not gonna work on mobiles using that system? Well I repurposed the ammo counter for mobiles so when you click on it you select your level 1 to level 4 ammo to use and then you tap away to fire. On desktop platforms the mouse will override any selection made thereby reverting this back to a view object only.

The timer is in place and can count up or down as you prefer, start at a value you specify, update by an amount you specify at a speed that you specify and will trigger an action when it reaches it's min or max value...and then deactivate the timer when it does. It allows you to add or remove time (for bonuses etc) but will never exceed the min and max values you set. 

As it stands, the timer is now a prime candidate for export to be used in multiple projects also. And yet when you look at the screenshot all you see is a 0. It looks so innocent until you know what is under the hood :P

Automated ammo systems and a self regulating timer... Now active. The scoring system still needs to be implemented and to the left you will see the space where I am to display level progress via two progress meters... current level progress, and total progress. Showing the current level is pointless since the weapons only appear per level so if you have 3 weapons to choose from,  clearly you are on level 3...

After that is the bonus system and then we get on to the polish... but this is where I'm at at this point. Once it gets to a playable state I will post it for patrons to play. Hopefully that will be as early as next weekend... Touch wood! :D

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