"...currently works as a freelance writer, editor, and researcher..."
Next week, I'll be joining a webcast produced by The Conference Board to discuss the contemporary Basic Income debates and experiments. 

I don't ordinarily think to post about my BI-related doings on Patreon; indeed, I usually don't. My reason for posting about this event in particular is not that I expect to deliver an exceptionally phenomenal performance during the webcast (on the contrary, I strongly dislike public speaking, even that which takes from my home computer). 

Instead, the webcast has this small bit of special significance to me, which might also be relevant to those who support my work: it was an opportunity to experiment with new ways of describing my "occupation", "job", and "current position", now that I am preparing to move away from Basic Income News next year, and wish not to be tethered to my reputation as (merely) a news reporter. 

This is what I tried: 

"Kate McFarland is a philosopher and currently works as a freelance writer, editor, and researcher. At present, she is working under a one-year contract as a reporter for Basic Income News, the news service of the Basic Income Earth Network." 

I feel pretty happy with that.  

I also went on to mention my "specialization in philosophy of language and pragmatics" so that folks don't mistake me for, say, a political philosopher with some kind of sound normative justification for Basic Income; as you might have heard from me elsewhere, my philosophy work and my entrance into the BI world were entirely independent. Nonetheless, my philosophical background strongly influences my approach to all other research and writing endeavors, including my work for Basic Income News, and thus deserves top billing in any "professional" biographical blurb.

In general, I'm excited to see what new opportunities arise in the next year.

Indeed, in just the past week, I have acquired several exciting personal updates (or, say, personally exciting updates): I can confirm that I will have an article on the ethical dilemmas of personal crowdfunding published in a new book edited by Misfit Economy author Alexa Clay (also to be published on The Anticareerist); I will be a featured speaker at the 2018 North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress; I am preparing to collaborate with the Swedish political philosopher Simon Birnbaum on an in-depth report on the BI movement and experiments for the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm. Perhaps there is even something else I'm missing. In any case, I feel confident that many doors will open as I embrace the conclusion of my one-year grant as an opportunity to move away from news reporting as my primary role--as incredibly useful as this role has been in giving me a broad foundation of knowledge and numerous valuable connections--and explore new territory, hopefully some of which is an even better fit for my natural tendencies as a philosopher and scholar. 

In the meanwhile, I am also preparing an updated version my article for Basic Income News on the current BI experiments (and those so called), in light of the more recent news from Scotland, California (Y Combinator), Barcelona, the Netherlands, and others, which should be published within the next week or two.  

I am also working on several opinion pieces (presumably for Basic Income News), which (I hope) will present somewhat novel perspectives on the BI debates. Since I am working on multiple pieces concurrently, and in the intervals between my normal work and quite a lot of overseas travel (three trips in about two months), I am not sure when any of them will be finished and published... but someday...