I sometimes feel really bad about not caring much for roguelikes. Sure, there's no actual obligation to like any one genre over another, but I don't always fully understand why I'm not on board with the usual pattern of killing everything, taking stuff, and getting more powerful. Especially since when I was younger there were a coupld of little games loaded on my old Mac laptop that I realize now fit the bill to a T, although I didn't understand it at the time. However, with a game like Din's Curse, I really have to step away from "I'm not a fan of this genre" and into "how good is this game at hitting its stated goals?" And the answer is that it's actually quite good. It would just be a lot better if it had come out a few years ago. Hope you enjoy this piece! I'll be back tomorrow, far more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than I am today. Seriously, I'm basically being a cat today and falling asleep where I stand.