The stage is set! A mischievous clown twirls in from stage left. The devious gleam in her eye makes you want to run for the hills, but she beams a playful smile at you and you settle in for the show. "It's all fun and games," She chimes "here at Mistah J's Carnival everyone leaves with a smile, guaranteed!"

Hey there, my loyal henchpeople! Yesterday's live shoot with James went splendidly.  It's still up on his facebook page , so if you missed out never fear!

He sent me some early edits via facebook this morning, so naturally my first step was to share them with you! I should have the rest of both sets soon, hope you enjoy these previews! 

Isn't that set simply to die for?! All it took was me asking for a creepy circus feel, and James was off creating a masterpiece! This was such a fun, goofy photoshoot. I really hope you guys enjoy the full set! 

Oh! And as a special teaser, the set below will be going up in the Lackey tier! (Renamed from  "Girl/Guy Friday" for simplicity's sake. <3)