Custom Comissioned Compilation Albums - Made to Order!
In addition to my official releases available from all major digital music stores and streaming sites, inspired by my new patrons who have been supporting my music on Patreon, I am am now offering a tailor-made, custom compilation album service for anyone who requests it!

Indeed, I was recently contacted by a YouTube fan from Canada, disillusioned with the compressed MP3's available from all of the main digital music stores, who requested that I put together for him, a custom commissioned compilation album of all the specific tracks from my repertoire that he wanted, in lossless WAV studio quality format - which led to my own idea just published of offering this service to anyone in the world who also wants this service!

In putting together your custom commissioned compilation album, simply let me know:

1) The specific tracks required from my existing repertoire - to aid your selection, all tracks from all of my albums can be previewed in full up to three times, from my Bandcamp Store

2) The audio format required - either lossless WAV (studio quality) or 320kbps MP3 (broadcast quality)

3) If a custom made album cover is also required.

4) If any new compositions would be required to be commissioned - I will do my best to also create, record and master new pieces for custom made album orders...subject to inspiration from the Muse!

For all your custom produced ancient-themed meditative medicinal musical needs, contact me directly