Custom Biome Super-Flat 1# | Syco Biome |

Hello today StealthyExpert and iPxD Mods

brings you a new (Custom Biome Super-flat World) this is an amazing
new world with 54x54 chunk size that gives you plenty enough room to
create amazing new builds that will look spectacular and more amazing
with the new custom biome called the Syco Biome that was used in the
creation of this super-flat and the biome has a mixture of every biome
except the "Nether* End*" Biome and were blended together Using only
MCCToolChest and MCEdit and World Paint in order to create this perfect
world for creating amazing builds that will will knock the socks off any
 super-flat out there so get ready and build greatness by downloading
this world now! :D

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