Custom Capes - Danish Folkwear
I got a custom request via etsy for a cape. They liked my purple riding hood with vintage lace appliqués. It just needed to be a different colour.

Original cape

Materials: Boiled antra melange wool / Vintage lace appliqués / Norse metal clasp / black satin lining

Shaping. I love the way the boiled wool shapes itself.

pinning and stitching the lace. I have one set left of these roses.

Done! Need to wait till tomorrow for good pictures of it. The light in November runs out around 16:00.

* * * 

The more you know

- The lace appliqués are vintage (!). I bought these in piles a while back thinking I will find a good use for them. They were stored and pushed back (as it goes in storage rooms) and found again. Also have lovely Venice and French lace in a lot of different colours.

- The boiled grey wool was an investment. It doesn't come cheap, but I wanted to play with it for such a long time now. I'm glad I got it. Better materials make the work a lot easier. Also: many colours available!

* * *

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