Cute as a Button 

‘Hamud,’ which means ‘cute’ or ‘sweet,’ could be used in several ways, depending on the context and intonation. But just like in English, calling someone ‘sweetie’ in Hebrew isn’t always a good thing! Listen to Guy explain how ‘hamud’ can be either endearing or angry on today’s episode.

Words and expressions discussed:

Hamud – Cute, cutie, sweet, sweetie – חמוד

Lahmod – To covet – לחמוד

Alhamdullila – Praise be to god – אלחמדוללה – الحمد لله

Hamd (Ar.) – Praise – حمد

She-yihyu lecha male yeladim hamudim – May you have a lot of cute kids – שיהיו לך מלא ילדים חמודים

Ma kara lach, hamuda? – What happened to you, sweetie? – מה קרה לך, חמודה?

Hamuda – Sweetie (f.) – חמודה

Hammudi (Ar.) – Nickname for Muhammad, Ahmad & Mahmoud – חמודי

Hamudi – Sweetie (for boys) – חמודי

Omrim li she-ani hamud – They tell me I am “hamud” – אומרים לי שאני חמוד

Status hamud – Cute FB status – סטטוס חמוד

Shir hamud – Sweet song – שיר חמוד

Kelev hamud – Cute dog – כלב חמוד

Yeled hamud ba-kita – A cute boy in the class – ילד חמוד בכיתה

Eize hamud Justin Bieber – How cute is Justin Bieber – איזה חמוד ג’סטין ביבר