Cute character concepts
Thanks to Andrew Melfi (sorry I don't know your twitter!), PinkSpider, Mel (her patreon) and Ash (her patreon) for taking part in the Cute Character Concept art Challenge! I love the diversity of your ideas.

I hope I didn't miss any entries? There were a couple more concepts on Twitter, though this post will be limited to Patron-entries.


This month's challenge will be to create an avatar (headshot portrait) of yourself or your online persona. It can be any style: realistic, cartoony or a chibi, but the goal is to draw it with one (or more) of these expressions from the sheet below. 

Try to step outside your comfort zone, and pick something other than a neutral or happy expression ;-)

For inspiration and references, google "expression challenge" or download this sheet and fill some (or all) of the boxes!

This challenge is public, everyone is welcome to participate. It's intended as a personal challenge, not a contest. The goal is to inspire you to create (and finish) a new piece of art. Take as much time as you need. The cut off date for the featured post on Patreon (Patrons only) is May 31st.

Finished art can be shared on my Patreon community feed, on discord or twitter (remember to tag me @frenone).

GL & HF!

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