CUTE FORCE II: Bring on the Bad guys!
Hey kids, time for part two of our developing ‘Cute Force’ pitch. A pitch for what, you may ask? Not 100% sure yet. I’d like it to be animated, but Melissa and I do not have an agent. Or money. :) Today we’ll deal with the villains, but first I wanted to point out some changes I was toying (HA! Toying!) with for the heroes: In the first update, I said one of the heroes would be a teddy bear barbarian named Lionheart the Share-bearian. Well, I decided I wanted her ‘chest symbol’ to be able to fire some kind of energy, so I want to switch her name to something like, Thunderheart, Fireheart, or, my current fave, Lava-Lots. Also, I wanted to give Rainbow Guardian a large mechanical beast he can summon, so now he’ll be able to call upon his Rainboceros, a multi-colored rhino, in times of need (NOTE: That may not be the final spelling of that). I’m also thinking Raspberry Beret’s eye should be scribbled off due to similarities with one of the villains I came up with (you’ll see below). Now, onto the villains:

First, gone is the bland Dr. Doomsdoll I mentioned last week. In his place is: DORY DOOMSAYER!!!! Previously a Dory Storyteller animatronic teddy bear that could play various recorded stories and songs, Dory is now obsessed with finding a recording she’s heard about of the book of the dead in a cabin somewhere. She believes if she plays it over her recording system that she’ll bring about the “Toy-pocalypse” by summoning the “4 Little Horsies of the Apocalypse”! She’s the team’s leader/‘Big Bad’ (I hear Kristen Schaal’s voice in my head for her).

BANANAS FLAMBE: Dory’s right hand woman, Bananas was the member of Raspberry Beret’s old Dessert Storm military unit until betraying them. Armed with a flame-thrower, Bananas smokes also to show he’s not afraid of melting. She’s the team ‘brute’.

HELLHOUND PUPPY: The team’s stuffed animal of sorcery, Hellhound is Dory’s main advisor as she is the only one who can translate the ‘Prophesy-and-Say’ (or so she claims). She’s the so called ‘dark chick’ of the team.

MEGASUS: A winged unicorn’s head and wings on the body of a robot that can change her into a gun (an uzicorn). She is the team ‘dragon’, i.e. the power hungry potential traitor who hates Hellhound Puppy and is convinced the whole ‘Prophesy-and-Say’ thing is a fake. Her horn is the muzzle of the gun she changes into.

PLA-FACE: A former Ben doll (boyfriend of fashion doll, Kandi), he had his face melted off by an unknown assailant. Wandering the streets, unable to defend or express himself, someone also tortured him by coloring all over him. By the time he got his new face, made of colored clay, he was insane. Now a cackling mess he is the most disturbing to the other members.

These are Dory Doomsayer inner circle, her ‘Brute Empire’ as she calls them, but as more and more toys give up hope of ever playing on this now childless planet, they volunteer for Dory’s cause giving up there identity, and there heads, to become ‘Blockheads’, Dory’s cannon-fodder army who have wooden blocks for heads and are now called by whatever is on their block (for instance, 9-Echo-Horsey, or Alpha-Firetruck-2).

Well, there you have it. Hope you like it, because that will make it more fun when you see it start getting turned down. :D But seriously, hopefully the process will be fun, and may even inspire you to submit your own stuff. More to come!
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