Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 55
Twilight spent her life trying to learn all that there is. In her

journey she surrounded herself with friends that aided her in her life

long pursuit. She lost that all against chaos. But in the fires of her

old life she emerges anew, ever eager to learn and with a new friend

that is more than willing to teach.

Whats in the box!? Whats in the box!? You'll have to wait, its Twilight time.

And its been Twilight's time for awhile, this needs to start picking up.

Too many things to explain in The Lost. Lulamoon was much easier to

pace. Twilight needs to have an important meeting so I can start jumping

across the timeline, Ponyville ain't gonna invade itself!

Forgot to mention I have a Pinterest account now. Got tired of not being able

to browse some tutorials I found... If you got one yourself you can get

updates for new comics from there.


This week on The Rightful Heir, Star and Dash finish their talk, because the big day is almost here!

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