Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 75
Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 75

Twilight spent her life trying to learn all that there is. In her

journey she surrounded herself with friends that aided her in her life

long pursuit. She lost that all against chaos. But in the fires of her

old life she emerges anew, ever eager to learn and with a new friend

that is more than willing to teach.


So photoshop appears to be back in working order, huzzah. I like the one

piece responses so far. I might do a manga page like I did for Naruto

and Yugioh. Need to do one for Bleach, as thats another series I've

followed for a long time. Whelp, back to more binging one piece...

OPEN CASTING CALL: EQUESTRIA! Follow the link for more info

The Rightful Heir: Issue 3 - Page 09 - 10


This week on The Rightful Heir, Twilight challenges the prince! What will she challenge him to? Will she prevail?

I think not.

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The Rightful Heir: Issue 1 Cover

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