Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 97
against chaos. But in the fires of her old life she emerges anew, ever
eager to learn and with a new friend that is more than willing to teach.

Every last one of them.

Speeding  along at the speed of super big pages. Gotta story to tell and it's
taking too damn long!... Not even at the Ponyville invasion... There's
still that, the crystal offensive, various demon side stories, and
Applebloom's side of events to do! ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGH! I should be
preparing Spitfire right now! I wanna get past all this retelling of
events! There's a story out beyond that Nightmare Shield! Sigh. Expect
alot of big pages, cuz I am gonna hurry this up. Plus I have to cut out
stuff, already did it for this page, though it was a simple transition.

OPEN CASTING CALL: EQUESTRIA! Follow the link for more info

The Rightful Heir: Issue 3 - Page 09 - 10

This week on CMC 10k Shorts: Why has no one noticed the purple blob in the window!? You don't see that but you'll spot a pair of green pixels in a heart beat! I'll never let that go!

Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 96
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CMC 10k: Friend or Foe Cover
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The Rightful Heir: Issue 1 Cover

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