Cutting back to biweekly schedule
After nearly six months of puzzles here at Tortoiseshell Studio, I believe I have to cut back my posting schedule. Sticking to a weekly schedule has been challenging at times, and sometimes it feels like I'm rushing to get puzzles finished in time for the next update. It is my hope that a more relaxed update schedule will help me to stay fresh. Above all, I want to keep producing high-quality puzzles, and I don't want to sacrifice that quality for the sake of deadlines.

What does this mean for you? Well, obviously it means my patrons will receive fewer puzzle packs per month. But since patrons are charged for each pack, rather than per month, you probably don't need to change your pledge settings. Also, for patrons at the $2 level and above, I will continue to post bonus puzzles on a monthly basis. Since I'll be putting out fewer puzzles per month, I need to decide how often I will include cryptic crosswords and logic puzzles in the mix, but in general my focus will continue to be on variety crossword types.

To my patrons, I want to say thanks for your support, and I hope you will bear with me during this time of transition. I hope to return to a weekly schedule eventually, but for now, my next puzzle pack is slated to go out on Friday, November 13, and updates will be every two weeks after that. Enjoy the puzzles!


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