CuttleBlog Week 3.5
So, we're 3.5 weeks in at this point. Last Friday, I had a major breakthrough with feeding: I mixed frozen mysids with live and at least one cuttle ate some of the frozen food. I'm not 100% on the other cuttles, so I continue to offer live food along with the frozen. This morning, I got to see one of the bigger cuttles (I think it's Laz. He's just slightly smaller than Rorschach), nabbing a live mysid.

You can see the feeding tentacles shoot out and nab the shrimp. I've also managed to keep mysids alive much longer than I had previously thanks to the 5 gallon round bowl I'm using to house them, the correct salinity for their water, and feeding them baby brine shrimp. Thanks to Sara at for the advice on mysids. I may do one more order of live mysids, so I can make sure they're all safely eating the frozen. The cuttles still seem uninterested or intimidated by the size of the shore shrimp, but those seem easy to keep alive. They're in a separate net breeder in the main tank, until we're ready for them.